Thursday, December 10, 2009

So i dun have to think

So we had a studio shoot for prom night 2009, Viva La Glam, yesterday. It was chaotic, but fun at the same time as well. Chaotic, because it was just plain squeezy for ten or sometimes, twenty people to look at the photos at a single viewing station. Fun, because i got to learn a lot about studio such as how to arrange people and wad poses couples can adopt.

The only downside is, we had to pack up somewhere past 12.30am (even the SCs were gone), and reached home around 1.40am. What's worse: Waking up at 7am to go for a Chemistry course at NUS. =.=

And speaking of which, makes my blood boil. To quote Weiliang:
Its not worth the two hundred and seventy six dollars.

And i quite agree.

To make it worth the money (or at least, feel better about it), we were quite liberal with the reactants and materials. Either way, one thing that we're satisfied with is the price of the food. It was just freaking CHEAP. Even the vending machines were charging below a dollar. Think $1.60 for a small packet of snack at MJC.
With that amount of money, you can get a plate of rice with 3 dishes there. Oh well, i think i'll get fat when i go U, with the cheap food and everything. =.=

We're tied together with a smile, and yeah, we're coming undone.

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