Thursday, December 24, 2009


For the people who came for the chalet during the in 2 days, here's a big thank you. You people rock. Although the actual attendence number was rather small, we still had lots of fun. =D

Although there were more ppl during day 1, there isnt much to do after the sun set. So in the end, we ended up barbecueing and eating lots of food. There were plans to watch Avatar at 11.40pm after that. But when we got to Ehub, it was sold out, with just 3 separate seats left. So its back to the chalet we went to spend the night, awake, thanks to the ruckus the next door was making. =.=

Day 2 started at 6am, with just 1.5 hours of sleep, thanks to the ruckus the next door was having. =.= The watch sunrise decision was a complete fail since there was so much clouds, so there was no big-bright-orange-globe rising over the horizon to go "ooh" and "ahhh" or "that's so nice!!" about. Then there's the walk to the playground for Amelia, Andik and Huijing to learn to climb the pyramid. Only Amelia succeeded. The other 2 gave up when they were 1.5m off the ground. =.=
Oh, and jansen was asleep while we did all that.
Then it was skating.  I'm proud to say that i successfully taught jansen how to skate in an hour (though he didnt really need much guidance) and the same goes for gillian to amelia and andik. =D
The remainder of the day was spent at Escape with gillian, amelia and andik, where we went for nearly all the rides multiple times, with the kiddy roller coaster being the most (five times). Gillian simply refused to get onto Wet and Wild with the reason being that the water was dirty, but me and andik went ahead and got really wet anyway. The new Haunted House wasnt really all that scary at all, and all of them just loved the Go Karts after i managed to persuade them to get onto it the first time. And all of us, with the exception of andik, succeeded in convincing that we're 18 so we can drive in pairs (yeah, we only got onto the beginner's track, though i did want to go for the advanced track)

The chalet can be considered as successful, since i did have fun, esp on the 2nd day. =D But i swear next year, i'm not gonna organise the chalet again. Or at least, not do it single-handedly.

Your smile makes it all worthwhile

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