Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went to give gillian an early pre-birthday birthday surprise today at 9am at her house with amelia, andik and yiting. She kinda half freaked out when she saw us come with the cake and stuff, so you can consider it as a success.

It was a movie (Bride Wars. Though i strongly opposed, i was outvoted 4 to 1) afterwards, followed by several rounds of Rummy-O, which was actually quite fun. Then its photo-taking + dog-playing time (upload the pictures, gillian!). And i must say, the dogs are really nice to play with. Hahas.

Lunch was at Mad Jack's, where we slacked for a while, taking yet more pictures and crapping and playing with leftover food since there's such a heavy rain. In the end, we left like nearly 1.5 hours later, at some time close to 4pm.

Seriously, the whole day just seemed to fly past like nobody's business. Its like, only a couple of hours ago that i stepped into gillian's house to surprise her. No wonder they say good times never last. Nonetheless, hope you had a great day, gillian! =D

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