Thursday, December 31, 2009

09 in review

Looks like the year is coming to an end. There's this phrase saying that "All things end happy. If its not happy, then its not the end". Apparently, its not so true for me. Indeed the year is ending, but to be honest, i dun really feel all that excited about it. Yes, i'll admit that tons of interesting things has happened this year, but there have been bouts of emo-ness every now and then as well. But oh well, i guess that's wad Life is about.

This year started normally enough, with the start of JC life on the 1st of Febuary. At that time, i was young, both physically and mentally. Hardly a year has passed, and now, i feel much more mature. Just 11 months ago, i wouldnt have stayed up so late to do stuff. Just 11 months ago, i wouldnt have cared so much about others. There's that X factor in JC education which pushes you to grow up if you wanted to survive.

Being the child as i was at the beginning of the year, i thought JC would be like secondary school. But of course with that mindset, i was struggling 2 months into the cirriculum. In that short 2 months, i realised that if i were to keep myself afloat in JC, i would have to sacrifice. Also in that short 2 months, i have discovered the beginning of a new passion.

Of course, a smooth voyage never occurs and storms will always pop up over the horizon. The passion that i had went through some tests, both from myself and others, but its the personal ones that were daunting. I was born as a thinker. I like thinking a lot. But sometimes, i manage think to much, and end up emoing about one thing or the other. (Well, mostly its just that one thing, but nevermind.). But now, looking back at what i have thought/suspected, some of them does seem to be true.

To be continued.. No point in continuing.

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