Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brainless thinking

Disclaimer: This post may sound highly disjointed and uncoherent. Simply because its meant to be like that. And because i lazy link the things up.

With that said, here i go.

I like the new Lightning Revenant in DotA. It has cool skills.

What are holidays when you have to go back to school every single day, including saturday? But in self-rebuttal, i suppose it can be considered as a holiday since there are no lectures and you don't have to do tutorials (for now).

The bites i managed to get on Sunday are still itching. Its highly irritating to not scratch, and highly satisfying (guiltily so) when i do.

The sunset looks really nice from my window. Not that i can actually see the Sun (you'd be nuts to stare into it right now), but it is casting a rather warm shade of orange onto the walls. And somehow, that makes me feel happy.

The turnstile topic is still hot. Talked about it to school, and from school. And it looks as if they have good news.


I am so not thinking about you.

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