Friday, January 30, 2009

Whoo! i got nearly everything on my wishlist when i went shopping with yong and zu an yesterday. Thats half a new year resolution completed. Hahas.

Oh, there was this totally impatient shopkeeper at Peninsula Plaza yesterday (ok, maybe its partially my fault too. haha). He got pissed off with me when i told him that the pair of pants which i wanted to buy were not suitable for me.

I mean like, c'mon, i only tried on 2 pairs, and both pairs dun fit me. But alas, i found a pair which fits, but i dun like the pocket cos its too small. He got pissed wth me after i told him that, and ended up storming off saying "Wa, you a lot of complains leh, First canot fit la, then pocket too small la..."

In the end, another guy served me and i finally got the ideal pair. hahas. That other guy should really go watch Serves You Right. Lol

But overall, its quite a nice trip, cos i got nearly everything i wanted ( i still cant find a wallet which i both like, and is within my budget. hahas).


Who else is going to MJC? =D

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