Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shopping with zu an is totally lame, really. Both of us went to tmall with at several items in mind to buy and a aim to bring at least one item home. Turns out that, after several hours of walking around and looking in shops, only one item was bought for zu an, and two for me.

At Mini Toons. He wanted to buy something nice and cheap for his 10 colleagues as a farewell gift. I suggested the tag that says "my job sucks". Well, it was nice, but it wasnt cheap. Its like, $3.95 for a piece of cloth dangling from a hook. Totally not worth it, so we turned our attention to some sharpeners that were going for around $1 each. We would have bought those actually, if there weren't just 10 of them there and the last one was damaged. Tough luck, zu an.

In the end, he wanted to buy those 226g per tub of play-doh and make something for them. Should i warn him that things made with play-doh would fall apart when the dough dries up? Nah. xD

Oh yeah, we saw alcie while we were going to the Royal Sporting House outside Century Square. Well actually, Zu an saw her first. No, i meant heard her first. You people should have listened to his thought process. He was being.. the typical zu an. Hahas

Thought process of zu an:
1) Hears her voice (she was with a friend)
2) Recognises the voice
3) I cant be that unlucky
4) Saw the reflection in the polished marble walls
5) Fears confirmed
6) Thinking whether cheng boon should be warned
7) Nah..
8) OMGzxzxzxzxzx
9) Wondering why i am that unlucky

In the end, i had finished tying my shoe laces by the time she came round the corner and had to say hi to her while zu an had somehow managed to evade her greetings. And that idiot down there was laughing after she left. =.=

Then blah blah blah until we finally decided that nothing at tmall can be bought within our budgets. Left shortly after, carrying a bottle of Ice Moutain each, and an additional pack of dark chocolate for me (those were the only things we bought there, and its from NTUC. Lol.)

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