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Hahas. Actually, its the exact same as wad i got for prelims. That is, 9 for L1R5 and 7 for L1R4.

Some of the scores changed, however.


Prelim scores:

Eng: B3
Chi: ~
Amath:E8 =.=
Emath: A1
Bio: A2
Chem: A1
Comb. Humans.: A2
D&T: A1

Total score: 19.
L1r5 (raw): 9
L1r4 (raw): 7

O level scores:
Eng: B3
Chi: A1
Amath: B3
Emath: A1
Bio: A1
Chem: A1
Comb. Humans.: A2
D&T: B3

Total score: 15
L1r5 (raw): 9
L1r4 (raw): 7

Hmm.. D&T and amath surprised me the most, with D&T being unpleasantly so and amath, the opposite.
I was expecting a distinction for D&T since i put in so much time and effort. But hey, its over. I guess there are people out there who really are much better than me in D&T. Besides, i really think that i got the last question about the IC chip correct. And to me, that's all that matters. xD
And as for amath.. I really dunno wad to say. After all, i left around 30-45% of the questions half/un-completed. So its a bit of a surprise, but not unpleasantly so. =D
Actually, when i collected my results, I didnt feel any sudden surge of euphoria or such. Of course, the suspense of waiting while in the school hall did make me feel slightly jittery, but that's all. Perhaps its because i know that everything was already in black and white. Like, that's all there is to it, and there's no point worrying or crying over spilled milk etc.
Oh well, i had just submitted my choices of courses. Many ppl say i am fast. I guess i am, but wads the point in dallying? Decide liao then just go submit lor. I guess the next reason is that being the fickle(-ish) person i am, i dun want people to make me change my mind.
I think that's all i have to say about this results and JAE thing. Have a nice night, everyone. (:
There is something freakishly wrong with the paragraphing codes. I dunno how to solve it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.. =.=

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