Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a lie

Yay. I finally got my wallet. Got it while buying my school shoes actually (bought from the same shop). Hahas.
Went to watch The Wedding Game just now. Quite funny actually, but i am slightly surprised that it isnt NC16, considering the amount of.. stuff inside. Hahas

But anyway, here are some hilarious scences:
1) Fann Wong (Vikki) has a chinchilla called "ku ku jiao"
2) Christopher Lee (Jack) had his manhood wacked 82452342315352354 times. haha
3) Paparazzis move around in swarms and have code names like "fried chicken", "little chicken" and "korean ginseng chicken".
4) there are plenty more, but i forgot already. xD

A nice movie in all, because of all the funny stuff and also that touching bit near the ending.

And i got this new keyboard after the old one died on me on the first day of Lunar New Year. =.=
The new one is going to need some getting used to cos the buttons are all bunched up together ( i didnt see the "slim" word on the packaging when i bought it =.=).

P.S Today was the first time i fell down in a playground since 12 years ago. Some of the sand took a while to wash out, and some others found their way into places i nvr expected them to be able to enter. =.=

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