Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teachers' Day 09

Sypnosis of what happened on Teachers' Day:
Went to the library to mug then left to meet 6.7 ppl at 2pm. Arrived at Swensens at 2.10pm and thought that i was late. Ironically, it turned out that everyone else was later, so i was actually the first one there. The rest actually started to stream in at around 2.30, with kenrick being the best, arriving at some time close to 4. Had a Double Berry sundae cos they ran out of Macadamia ice cream for Macadamia Mania and Nutty-something, accompanied by fries. I felt really full, not to mention guilty, after taking in so much sugar and calories. lols
Went to T1 to play Truth Or Dare and Charades on the rooftop. Ended up doing some stupid things. Walked home with yan jun and you ming at around 8.30. Had this dinner consisting of lots of leftover food (i swore to exercise more after that).

In short, it was a great day.

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