Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today was great.
We've had this totally awesome chemistry paper. Its dificulty level was just right. Not too easy, so as to let you breeze through it, but yet not so hard such that you spend 4 mins on a single MCQ.

Its perfect. Simply beautiful. Its no easy to get that kind of difficulty, you know. It takes a certain level of skill to set it. And skill is what you need to do it as well. Mr S.M. Park and Mr W.L. Teo probably loved it too..


This is so jolly.

This is just plain good singing..

The air today is the worst i've seen this year. I almost didnt want to breathe when i stepped out of the Study Room just now..

P.S. I think i make a good teacher. Both at studies, and at playing the yo-yo. =D

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