Saturday, September 26, 2009


As i walked past a tentage holding a celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival, felt a slight twinge of regret. By the time i reached the market, i realised that i felt out of place. It was as if i was the only monochromic character in an otherwise colourful world. This sense of desolation made me think: is this the price that sudents have to pay for today's education?

No doubt Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world; Our math textbooks are a third as thick as the American version, but the proficiency of Singaporean students with the sums are way better than their Western counterpart. However, just in case you have not realised, as one carries on to higher education, the amount of free time that one has geometrically decreases (note this in this case, its an infinite series, meaning that yes, you would eventually end up with negative number of free hours) while the workload increases exponentially. As your average JC student, i would say that i am very lucky should i be able get more than 10 hours of free time per week. Academic success, i would say, is highly overrated in this society. Anything short of a diploma and you would be deemed as useless. Period. That is why Singaporean students, or at least those who care about their grades, would spent hour after hour, evening after evening, poring over alphanumerics on white backgrounds.

Perhaps it would be good for a change. Instead of looking for academic achievements, employers should look for personal ones instead. But lo and behold, the increasing specialisation of industries does not allow any one inividual to do that. So i guess the dreams of leading a good life both currently and in the future would not be possible. Well, its not easy to get the best of both worlds, so perhaps i should just stop my ranting now and go finish up with my Integration and Vectors. Yep, i shall now return to my monochromic lifestyle. Anyone else coming?

On second thought, maybe that is a bit of colour in my current life, painted in by that someone. Well, hope that the little bit of colour would still be present the next year. 0.o

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