Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Human nature

As i was walking past Eastlink mall to get to Tampines Bus Interchange to catch a bus home, I noticed a small congregation of people around the TS Video shop, watching the featured video. That was not an unusual sight for people who pass by that place regularly, but naturally, i felt inclined to find out what was the featured video.

As it turned out, both screens of the shop were showing documented footages of the late pop star, Micheal Jackson. One was playing out the details of Jackson's funeral, while another was showing him in his prime, singing Heal The World.

At that particular moment, a thought popped into my head: Why is it that humans only start to notice things around them after they are gone? Is it human nature which is making us blind to the happenings around us, and only getting miraculously alleviated after its disappearence? Or perhaps it is just our habit to not cherish what we currently have but only lamenting the loss after it is gone?

If Micheal Jackson were still around, i doubt that the crowd outside TS would be half as large when they are screening his performances. Maybe it would be for singers like Jay Chou or Lady GaGa. But for MJ, probably not.

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