Monday, July 13, 2009


Hectic as it may be, i am starting to love college life. The responsibility of planning an event that involves the whole school, the honour of getting to meet VIPs, the humour (and lack of it) of the lecturers all combine to add colour to this life of mine.

And of course, there are those great people around me whom i call friends. Some are for me to crap with, some are for me to enjoy a quiet moment with, and some are just plain there so that i can appreciate what great people i have around me (dun start bragging now, please).

My life currently hums with vibrancy. So many to do. So little time. But yet, so much to learn and experience in during that process. I may be missing secondary school life, but i probably will get over it and get lost in this brilliant, illustrious college life.

Omg.. what on earth is wrong with me today...

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