Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dialogues? Hmmm..

So i had this dialogue today with Minister in the Prime Minister's Office cum Secretary-General of the NTUC, Mr Lim Swee Say, after school today.

All i've got to say was that i've got the prime seat: It was less than 40cm away from the VP, 80cm from the P, and 100cm, and directly in front, of the Minister. As such, i cant help but say that i feel a little pressured. =.=

But at least he was easy to talk to, telling us about his life and Singapore, and answering our questions jovially during the session. One thing was sure about him; He has an interesting life. How often can you see a guy who studies in a chinese school, had sucky english (he said it himself), and yet managed to secure a scholarship to UK? And how many people out there actually knew that, when Lee Kuan Yew was Prime Minister (1960's), economic development was not the ultimate goal, but rather a stepping stone for social development?

Its true to say that this session was enriching. I would be lying to myself if i said otherwise. However, its a pity that i had to struggle to stifle a few yawns and had to suppress that overwhelming urge of wanting to stretch my legs and neck during that 1.5 hour long dialogue (remember where i was sitting..). Nevertheless, it was an interesting session, and i really do not mind attending another one next year. After all, how often do you get to sit right smack in front of a minister and get to talk to him?


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Kelvin- Bet you enjoyed it.. hahas

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manda- yup, that's right. =D And the lunch thing was obvious to the people who saw it. Didnt think anyone else saw it. LOL xD

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Sylvia- aww... so sorry, but too bad. xD But really sorry la, since 90% of our schedule totally doesnt match with yours..

Yanci- Hi.. C'mon, wad so bad about that? We all need a little entertainment. hahas

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