Monday, July 6, 2009

Argh! Tongue!!

Throughly enjoyed myself today, thanks to r4 ppl. 4r4'08 still rocks more than 09s303. Opps, haha. xD

Transformers was totally cool. But too bad its science fiction. Like, you see Autobots after you die? And you have this freakishly sexy female robot seducing you so that she can dig out the info stuck in your brain. Wth. =.=

Lunch with Zu An was the best. He told kelvin that the seats on the other side of the table were taken when in fact, they were not, so in the end he had to sit beside manda. I think i was the only person who saw the face she made when she saw kelvin at the seat beside her. I felt a little guilty for playing along after that. lols. Sorry manda. hahas

I nvr really enjoyed playing pool till today. Teck li you watch out, i go train already then i'll start owning you. Then i'll take the pool stick and poke your nose back as well. =.= Kelvin was the ultimate; He kept missing the ball. And when he saw me and teck li playing on the chair, he give this wise saying of "you laugh, i fall". And laughed we did, for some 2 minutes or so.

Went home with weilin after that. And hearing wad she said about her sch, i suddenly feel rather fortunate.

In all, today wasnt too bad great. 4r4'08 rocks. =D

I experienced the slowest queue ever today. It was 35-40minutes long, and it was for 2 pairs of movie tickets. The speed of the queue was 0.023km/hr.

School starts again tmr. Promos are less than 3 months away. And within that 3 months, we have to get from U to E/D. Sianzxzxz =.=

Edit: I am starting to feel really, really, bored. I think i'll go watch tv. =.=

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