Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yo Phobos, hear my beat..

If i were to sum up this orientation with one word, it would be "awesome". Even then, i think its an understatement.

Day 1: Ran around the school and had wet games and played all sorts of crazy games like Captain's Ball with water bombs, and danced a mass dance and a couple dance.

Day 2: Ran around Singapore playing crazier games like passing water in disposable cups without using hands. Legs ached like crazy at the end of the day due to all the running.

Day 3: Ran around the school again playing wet games. Although they said everyone would get wet, i managed to stay relatively dry, unlike Jansen, who somehow uhh... got his innermost layer of clothing wet. xD And there was also the eating of junk food instead of lunch and dinner. But i seriously doubt that i'll try that again any time soon..


During the past 3 days, we got wet, dirty, sweaty and sticky. But the best thing is, nobody minded.

Friends were made through fun and games, and i have finally discovered just how small Singapore could be. Its incredible that my primary school classmate could have a best friend in her secondary school, and that best friend of hers is now in the same class as me. What's more astonishing is that the best friend actually knew my primary school best friend.

Kudos to those who made this orientation a success. Firstly, we had a great house captain. Secondly, there were those fantastic OGLs. Then there were us, and that undying enthusiam. Throw in the hard work which the SC had put in for the planning, and you get a awesome house and more importantly, a succesful orientation. =D

Well, since none of us in this OG were split up when sorted into different CGs, i guess i'll be seeing all of them tomorrow. Yay. Lol

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