Monday, February 2, 2009

And thus, JC life begins..

Today, i stepped into MJC not knowing what to expect. I speculated things from.. Ok, i didnt speculate anything, but i really wasnt expecting anything close to subject introductions, subject counselling and demo lectures.

The better part of the day was spent sitting on the floor of the hall and getting butt cramps while listening to talks by the principal welcoming us to the college, the vice-principal about the difference between JC and secondary school life, and the various subject teachers (a.k.a. Civics Tutor) on their subjects.. But at least the principal was nice and let us stand up and stretch on two occasions. And that probably saved my life. Haha

Didnt make any friends yet today, since everyone is sticking to others who are wearing the same uniform as they are. Well, cant blame them for that, since i am doing it too. xD

Oh, and did i mention that the graphic calculator costs a bomb?.. Somewhere around $150 for a set..

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