Monday, February 16, 2009

Cover-up rule

First day of the permanent timetable. Great (i am not being sarcastic here..).

I am actually getting to like H2 math because i understand it more than secondary sch Amath. That's not to say that Mrs Pong's teaching isnt good. Its just that i seem to like the lecture-tutorial style of JC better, because everyone shuts up and listen to the teacher. Really helps in creating a conducive environment that facilitates better and quicker understanding of the topics taught. I am also understanding more about that crazy plate tectonics theory, thanks to me, myself and I. =D

And we have this totally cool and hilarious teacher for math tutorials, who actually encouraged the class to make more noise. According to him, making more noise in class makes the lesson more alive. I think everyone was happy to oblige.

So we ran 2.4 for our first ever PE lesson in like, a looooong time. And i am surprised with my personal endurance of going 2km without walking. I was kind of prepared to just go about 1km before having to stop, so its feels quite good that i've surpassed my limits. Now, its time to surpass others'. muahaha

Oh, oh, oh, we have sparks flying in class already (not at or from me, of course). But unfortunately, its a one-sided affair. Nevertheless, it provided me with half an hour of laughter. xD

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