Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zoo was.... interesting? o.0

So i woke up at 6.45 today morning to make it in time for the breakfast with cherng jye, then to the zoo. But apparently, that's way too early since i only took like 15mins to get prepared. So i laid on on my bed for around 15-20 mins before leaving for the coffee shop.. Then blah blah blah until he came and ate and went to meet you ming at the bus stop.

Then blah blah blah again until we met teck li at pasir ris mrt. And lo and behold, he was really wearing jeans. Like, wth? Who wears jean to the zoo? People wear casual, COOLING wear to the zoo. Not jeans. So jokes about his ahem overheating kept us entertained for the better part of the train ride. lol. xD (and as expected, he did start complaining about the heat later in the day. haha)

The majority of the day passed in a blur, perhaps partially due to the fact that i was really, really tired. So I'll just write down those which really stick out in my mind.

Yun Jen joined us later at City Hall, and its off to the zoo we go. Reached there at around 10.30 if my memory serves me right. And unbelievably, there was actually a queue for the tickets. C'mon la, out of all the times i went, this is the only time when i saw a queue for the tickets. xD

The first exhibit was the Treetops Trail. Some people have trouble in differentiating real animals from fakes, and actually thought that the False Gharial (a crocodile-like reptile) we saw there was a fake, cos of the word "false". =.= Like, instead of suggesting that the gharial there is a fake, isn't that really obvious that the "false" is part of the reptiles' name? Lol. We did get a good laugh later on, when we went back to the Treetop Trail for the second time, and those people realised that the gharials were actually alive. Haha

Oh, then there was the otters, which really STINK! Among all of the animals present in the zoo, which includes even the rhinos and elephants, i would have to say that the otter will win the "stinkiest animal" award (that is, if there's one). And i am deadly serious about it when i say that the smell will smack you right in the face. Not only would it smack you right in the face, it would smack you hard and good. It even lingers for a little while after you have walked away from the exhibit. Like, whew, what a pong..

After lunch, we went to the Fragile Forest. Both interesting and "interesting" things happened there.

The interesting bit was the fact that among the five of us there, butterflies find me particularly attractive. They seem to love landing on me a lot, much to the terror of teck li and yun jen, who seem to have a mortal fear of all butterflies big and small (run away as well, jon. xD). Poor you ming couldnt get a single butterfly to land on her hand even after trying so hard. I know that the notice at the entrance says that no contact is to be made with the animals inside, but hey, i cant really help it if they decide to land on me all the time right? Its not as if i asked them to do it, cos they just land on me like that. So its not really my fault, right? xD Haha. And quite the contrary to the popular teck li's belief, butterflies do not, i repeat, DO NOT suck people's blood. =.=

The "interesting" bit, i guess, was when some liquid dripped down on my head. For your info, it wasn't raining at that point of time, albeit the sky being a little cloudy. And with free roaming birds and bats flying all over the place, i cant help but have the suspicion that i have just been the unlucky victim of a bird's/bat's aerial "bomb". The fact that none of the rest have felt anything totally did not help in alleviating my unease.. Oh well, at least now i know how Yanzhi felt when a bird decided to, uh, defaecate itself over his head at the basketball court during assembly 2 years ago. zzz

I guess that the day is pretty much summed up here, save for the less colourful details. Oh, perhaps just one last thing: There is a looong time interval between each bus 22. And in addition, the whole trip takes quite some time to complete. The bus goes from Toa Payoh and winds around the streets to Paya Lebah, then from there to Kaki Bukit, then to Bedok Reservoir, before finally reaching Tampines. With all that time wasted, you are better off taking the mrt..

I have work tmr morning, so i think i'll turn in early. Have a nice night..

Omg, this post is ultra long..

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