Monday, December 1, 2008

Movies, libraries and fluctuating water pressures

Okok. The day started off with me expecting Yong at my place. However, unfortunately, he was unable to come over 'cos he gotta wait for his brother, who has forgotten to bring his keys, to come home from camp.

Then, i was invited to watch a movie by another bored soul. In the end, City of Ember was the movie we decided to watch and the location was E!hub at 3pm. Watched the show we did, until 4.45pm.

From there, it was a decision to either bowl or go home. But seeing as nobody had bought socks along, the bowling option was quickly eliminated. Not wanting to go home to endure yet another attack by Boredom, we decided to go to White Sands. Following that was a visit to NTUC Fairprice to grab some snacks (in my case, a drink), then its off to the library.

Upon reaching there, I discovered that none of the books I wanted to borrow were there. However, by a stroke of luck, I discovered that a book which i have been eyeing for 5 months was not on loan (like, finally?) at Tampines library. So, after everything was borrowed and settled, we went our separate ways.

After reaching Tampines library, i went straight to HUGO Room for the book. Lo and behold, there was only one copy left (there were 3 copies available when i checked at White Sands). Of couse, i quickly grabbed that copy and started to make my way out. It was only then which i realised that another book which i have been aiming to read, The Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver, was also available. Thus, i grabbed that as well and went to borrow both of them.

Then its balik kampung for me. And i did realise that my house's water pressure have been fluctuating greatly of late. One moment, it could be so low that it couldnt even activate the instant water heater. Then, it could be so great on the next moment that if you are staring at the spray head and wondering why there's so little water coming out, you would most likely be rewarded with a face full of water gushing out at full pressure. Not a nice experience. And when you do experience it, a dozen colourful words would probably be swirling around your mind the moment the water goes into your eyes. I cant say that it hasnt happened to me before.. Perhaps around half a dozen times? Haha. Oh well..

Man, this is a long post. Took me what? Half an hour to type it? Ok, off to dinner now. Have a nice night. :)

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