Monday, December 15, 2008

The sun is out again! xD

Hmm... First thing that struck me as interesting today was seeing mr vincent lee at the NTUC i am working at. He was wearing NAS shirt some more. You know, the one only teachers have? The one that's white with blue sleeves. For some reason, i nearly fell off the ladder with i saw him (i was restocking the shelves at that time). He didnt see me anyway, so yeah.

I think i am liking work more and more. I mean, ok its slightly tiring at times, but at least it helps me waste my time. Being able to buy anything with my pay is, of course, an added bonus. The only pity is that this job doesnt pay more. Oh well, at least i have a job. You cant really say that it has been easy finding one after the O's. And Yong is joining me at work, so you can say that the companionship kind of makes up for the low pay? lol. xD

Oh, and i've updated my wishlist again. Hahas

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