Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The pink bunnies of doom..

Congrats on being 16 after so, so, so long. =D

Alright, this is gonna be a long post as well. Lets see..
Initially, the plan was to meet up with you ming, ivan and sylvia to go skating at pasir ris park. But as you know, things never go according to plan, and its no surprise that this particular one screwed up. End result: Me and ivan were the only ones left to go skating.

Of course, we went ahead with the skating. And i discovered that Pasir Ris park was really tiny. It only took us just over 40 mins for a round trip, which make it around 20 mins to get from end to end. We weren't even going fast. Compare that to the 1.5hr which me and cherng jye took to get from NSRCC to the Mac at East Coast. Pasir Ris park is simply miniscule.

Okok, went to E!hub after skating. Used up the last 2 of my free bowling games with ivan.. He totally owned in the first game cos he got 3 strikes in a row. Like, wth??!! o.0
I won the second game, but the score was only 101.. For some reason, i seem to get less and less strikes/spares in my recent games. I wonder why..

Went to the arcade after bowling. Got my MIP nEbO Tapz card. Looks quite cool actually. I think it would look even nicer if the prints weren't peeling off due to bad handiwork. Either way, i dun care. The card discounts would work regardless of the condition of the exterior.

Used the "top up $10 and get $10 free" coupon. Ended up with $41.40 in the Tapz card as a result. Highest ever amount I have inside any of my Tapz cards. haha.

First game was some Ghost mansion thingy. Gotta use those wands to wack wack the ghosts on screen. Wack as in literally wack the screen. Quite a workout i would say.. And whoever was the one who said that going to the arcade was bad for health? haha

Then it was Silent Hill. And omgomgomg, we discovered a new cheat/hack/bug. You actually dun need to reload at all. As in, you dun need to point out of the screen and press the trigger once to reload. You can just keep spamming and the thing simply auto reloads. Haha. We had to go all the way to the second boss before we discovered that. lol. Oh, and when you get to the later parts, pink bunnies wielding axes, guns and chainsaws will appear, and you gotta riddle them with bullets before they die. Damn jolly. haha

And today wasnt Ivan's day for any other games. He died while trying to show me some thingy on another shooting game Then he accidentally chose automatic instead of his usual manual on the racing game. Then after he chose manual on the next racing game, the gear wasnt working and he can only go up to 3rd gear out of 4. Then on the next next game, the steering wheel wasnt working and the car would turn of its own accord. And when he finally chose one that worked perfectly, his mum called him halfway through and he probably got too nervous to play properly after that, so he lost anyway. LOL

Final balance on the nEbO MIP Tapz card after 2 hours: $25+ (thats not even half! o.0)

This post took me 1 hr to type, thanks to 4 msn conversations taking place while i was typing this.

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