Wednesday, November 26, 2008

skate, skate, and skate again o.0

Table tennis chalet yesterday. Let me recall what we did..

Firstly, me and Cherng Jye skated there from NSRCC. The trip took around 1.5 hours cos we're skating against a very strong headwind..

Then we rested for around 5 mins upon reaching there before skating to 7-11 to get some Big Gulp.

Then we skated back and slacked for another 10-20 mins to wait for the rest to settle down and also for them to rent their skates.

After they rented their skates, we skated till around 7 plus and taught Chan Kai and You Ming how to skate during that time.

On the way back, we saw the sunset against the city skyline. It was simply magical.

Then it was dinner.

After dinner, Cherng Jye's shirt, pants and underwear got soaked in a tub of water thanks to me. xD

After laughing so hard and much at the people who got wet, we went back to skating. Again.

Skated for another 2 hours or so, then went home with Chan Kai and Chun Khin.

Just to sum it up in one sentence: We pretty much did nothing much but skate throughout the whole day. Haha.

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