Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its all about timing

Class chalet wasnt too bad, other than the fact that there weren't much amenities that we could make use of.

The best thing that happened over there was the skating. Skated with teck li all the way from NSRCC to the food court that's near bedok jetty. Seems like a long way, but it really isnt, since the entire journey only took around 1 hour there and back. Short as it is, however, it took alot out of me. It has been like, 2 month or so since i last gave myself a great exertion? So i am pretty much dead beat after that. And to think that everyone thought that i went home already when i am actually playing a psp upstairs. lol.

I WANT SKATES!!! =.= And i also want a job so that i can fulfill my need for my skates.. zzz

Is it going to happen tmr? Or is it going to happen during this holiday? Or is it never going to happen at all?

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