Friday, November 28, 2008

Prom Prom Prom Prom

So.. Yesterday night was prom. And guess what? It wasnt as interesting as i thought it would be. But then again, its not all that bad. At least some of the performances were nice. I especially liked the dance put up by the 5c2 guys. If it were really last minute work, like they said it was, then i must admit that they are really good.

Congrats to Jessica for getting an MP3 during the lucky draw, Chester for getting a pore cleanser, Jeremy for getting a bottle of perfume, Ivan for getting 2 packets of maggie mee, Ariz for getting 5 boxes of Carrefoure tissues, and me for getting thirty dollars worth of CapitaLand vouchers. lol.

After the food was photo-spamming time. Everyone spammed their photos like they weren't gonna see each other again. But on second thought we really aren't gonna see each other again as a class, aside from the day which we collect our results.

Oh yeah, and Ranon's the prom king! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Ok, this is hard. I know myself. I want to say it. But on second thought, saying it is a bad idea. Its hard to hold on, but letting go isnt really that easy either. Especially when it is still there. Perhaps you feel the same way as well. But i am sorry. Its less painful this way. For both of us.

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