Monday, June 8, 2009

Technology sucks

Just yesterday, i realised that i had trouble opening my email inbox. Or rather, the system told me that i DO NOT have an inbox although i had the Windows Live account. Quite ironic actually, seeing as i created the email account first, then subsequently, the Live account.

Blame MSN for all you like, but personally, i think MINDEF should accept emails that contains hyphens. Because of MINDEF not accepting emails with hyphens, i have to create a new account which does not have a hyphen. And after i create the account with hyphens and added everyone onto that account, not to mention changing all the contact details on all my other online profiles (blogger, facebook, IVLE, ISIS etc), the system crashed on me and i have to deal with all this crap.

However, you cant say that MSN is completely innocent. It erased my email account, prevented tty from attaching a file to his email thereby making him miss his deadline, and andik cant even open up the inbox because all it shows is a blank page.

In all, technology sucks. And Man made technology. So the bottom line is that we all suck. Have a nice day..

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