Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Cycling 30km in 9 hours is no joke. Going by the tough way (lots of bumps and dips) does not help.

Route (start time: 9am):
Cycle from Tampines to Pasir Ris with a detour to Downtown East using the Tampines Park Connector. [2km]
Switching to the Loyang Park Connector, we cycled from Pasir Ris to Changi Village. [4km]
After breakfast (goreng pisang and coconut juice), set off for East Coast via some-park-connector-which-i-forgot-the-name, and passing by Changi Airport. CJ wanted to take a video of a plane taking off. I told him that it was a stupid idea. [5-6km]
Reached East Coast at around 1pm, and cycled from one end to another. [4km]
Turned around and went back to Changi using the same route (dying already). [9-10km]
Had tea, which was supposed to be lunch (Bread + goreng pisang + lime juice), at Changi at 4pm.
Cycled back to Tampines using that ultra high difficulty route via Changi Prison. You wouldnt believe the condition of the pavements there. The roots of trees have completely wrecked them, and it was uphill 70% of the time. We nearly had to stop at every bus stop to catch a breather before carrying on.
Reached Tampines at around 6. End of journey, but not end of the day.

Slacked a bit around Si yuan's house while deciding whr to go for dinner when si yuan came down from his block. Finally, went for dinner at 7, at the coffee shop near my house. Then went to the street soccer court to watch them play soccer, but got dragged into the game reluctantly. Played 2 games despite my conscience, which was screaming for me to go home and get a break and file in all my notes. Reached home at around 8.

The End.

My butt is aching like nuts (try sitting on a bike for 9 hours), and my body has 2 colours, red and white. I know i said i wanted a tan, but i wasnt really expecting an unequal one. =.=

My brother said "O.M.G." in his sleep yesterday. He is 5 years old. I was totally amused. Lol.

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