Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheering up

Sypnosis of today's activities:
Went to MJ early in the morn (around 10am) even when i had no school to submit my pictures for photo essay. After that, i met up with zu an and we went to tampines 1 + tampines mall + century square to hunt for presents for zu an's parents. In the process, we found some great deals (2 pairs of Puma shoes for $60) and some not-so-great deals ($45 for a Mizuno sports singlet, though i must admit that the design is nice). In the end, i bought a Adidas sports singlet ($25.90, for jogging purposes) and zu an bought shorts, one for each of his parents. Then it was lunch, at a coffee shop near Tampines North CC, before we parted. And when i reached home, it was GPP all the way till 6, when i went to jog all the way to MJ and back with jansen. The round trip took about an hour, which wasnt really too bad, though i kind of tired thanks to the 100 sit ups i did before leaving home (made me have stitches during the first 5 mins of the run, wth.) After that, it was dinner, and then GPP all the way (again) till 10.35pm. Held a tiny mental celebration upon its completion, then spent some time trying to comfort someone, but failed miserably (unfortunately).

Oh well, life has its ups and downs. But when its down, we should stay strong so that when things get better, we will be able to enjoy ourselves once more. =)

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