Thursday, September 11, 2008


ok, i dunno wad i am celebrating about, cos the O levels are due in like, 30+ days time? So, a short break before the final dash. 1 day would be sufficient though. Cant afford any more than that anyway.

Had bio and chem MCQs and DnT today. Bio and chem werent bad, considering that i can do most (80-90%) of the questions, if not all (chem roxs). lol

DnT was moderately fine. cos the second last question was like a physics question. And it cost like 20 marks? =.= Anyhow zam one answer come out in the end. But walao, anyhow zam also zam wrong lor. I wanted to calculate the circumference of the circle, in the end, i go calculate pi x r^2. Dam idiotic sia. zz. Oh well, at least the whole question wasnt on calculation. So not too bad la.
Then the last question. Also 20 marks. Then ask about IC chips. If i am not wrong, about 2 hours before the exam, i heard a certain teck li saying that there is no need to study IC chips cos 'confirm wont come out one'. Look wad happened in the end? =.= Never trust anyone except yourself and your instincts. zz

Oh, and this was wad happened during night study yesterday:
Time: 8.55pm
*Cherng jye packs up his stuff*
Me: eh, why you so early pack up?
CJ: i going liao. my 28 always come at around this time one.
Me: how u know?
CJ: the last few days also like that wad..
Me: chey. anything lor.

*CJ pangsehed all of us and went home first*
*1 minute later*
Me (shouts down from 3rd floor): eh, if u miss the bus i laugh sia!
CJ: (shouts up from 1st floor): shut up la Cheng boon. i wont give u the chance

*30 secs later* everyone else leaves for home
* me walking down the staircase and sees a bus driving past*
Me@ sylvia and yanci: eh, is that 28?
sylvia/yanci: dunno leh..
CJ (strangled voice from below): NGO CHENG BOON!!!!
Me @ sylvia and yanci: ok, confirm 28..
CJ@ me: you and your bloody mouth..

laughed for 5 mins non-stop after that. freaking funny. lol



well, except for the ending song, which was like half screamo? And screamo sucks.

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