Friday, September 19, 2008



Haha. Today is definitely a day to remember. 1357 days ago, I stepped into Ngee Ann for the first time. And now, 1357 days later, i have officially graduated from this institution. Its a bittersweet feeling actually, to think that 4 years are gone in a flash. I actually still remember the first day in this school. And now, i shall make sure that i do not forget my last.

The ceremony, abeit slightly boring at the beginning, got a little spicier towards the end. For me, the most memorable things were the singing of the school song and the showing of the class video; The singing of this school song is as loud as it could ever get, with the whole sec 4 cohort singing it. I dun think any other day's decibel levels could stand up to this afternoon's. Not even when the whole school is present. Of course, like the emcee said, it is the last time which we would be singing the school song, so i guess everybody sang to their heart's content. Really touching you know, cos i have never thought that the school song could actually sound so nice.. *sniffs*

Then there was the class video. The effect of it was slightly marred by the fact that half the class was already gone before it was shown. Nevertheless, the remainder hung around and became a great audience, laughing and clapping at exactly the right moments.

Of couse, a graduation ceremony is never complete without photos. I wanted to bring my camera, initially. But decided against it after that, making it an action which i regretted. Hey, at least there were other people with cameras, so it wasnt a complete loss.

Like Mr Adrian Lim said, graduation is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of a brand new journey in life. So i this is not the end. After all, there's still the O levels to chiong for. And with only 30 days left, there is really not much time to spare.

So, all the best for the upcoming exams, have confidence in yourself, and do your best. =D

The flag thingy (forgot wad its called =.=) which the school gave us. Mr Lim is a good principal..

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