Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy times..

blogging with my phone now. I lazy on com. Haha. Damn cool. Lol.

Went swimming with sylvia, yanci, teckli and cherng jye. Although the weather wasnt all bright and shiny, we still went ahead. But it wasnt that bad la. At least the water isnt freezing. In fact, despite the rain, its still extraordinarily warm. And as usual, the girls turned up like what? 1 hour late? Lol. I think i should follow cherng jye's method when asking girls out. That is, tell them to meet at a certain time, but you only leave for it half an hour later, cos the girls are bound to be late. haha

Swam for like 3 hours i think, so quite beat after that luh. But it was worth it, considering the fun we had.

Went to pasir ris beach after that. We actually planned to go skating after swimming, but after looking at the time, we decided to give it a miss. Went to pasir ris park anyway to watch the sunset. And the sky was amazingly clear. Like, clear~ Cos the whole day like so gloomy, then suddenly got this clear evening sky. It was rather beautiful. I did take a few pictures, but dun think they are anything special, so not gonna post them.

Oh yeah, and we blasted "my heart will go on" on the breakwater. Damn jolly. haha. Went home after the sun set and the sky went dark (duh). I think thats like, the 3rd/4th time i went to the beach to watch the sunset with them? But one thing's for sure: it wont be the last. =)

I think my arms are gonna ache like crazy tmr...

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