Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This blog is getting half dead. But i simply cant find time to blog anymore. So much to do, yet so little time. Yes, i know thats cliched, but hey, its true isnt it?

Anyway, the Night Study Program was total crap. Couldnt concentrate at all thanks to teck yang and ezra. The dim lighting didnt help either. However, i am willing to give it another chance. Perhaps next time round, i'll sit somewhere else quieter and brighter.

Went for DnT at 3.55pm today, only to find mr zainal closing up the workshop. But we managed to persuade him to close it at 4.30 anyway. Finished my soldering today. Like, finally.. =.= What? Its not that easy ok? Not when the parts are 5mm in diameter and would move out of place at the slightest touch. Accomplishing such a feat requires SKILL. =D

Haiz, got amath test tmr. Thats news bad enough by itself. Whats worse was that i only found out today! zzz

Forget it. No point complaning about it here. Rather spend the time revising.

P.S. Kelvin stalks _ _ _ _ _ _ all the time!! BE CAREFUL!! xD

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