Thursday, July 17, 2008

hmm. Seems like there isnt much to blog about of late. Or maybe its just due to my lack of attention for the stuff which happens around me. Either way, there is still this one thing which sticks in my mind like a stalk of rose sticking out of a pile of dung (weird personification, i know. but i cant think of anything more vivid than this one. =X)

That is, the MT 'O' level listening exam. Initially, i thought that listening would be a piece of cake. I thought wrong. It really looks as if the MOE really want us to think more. Unlike the previous year papers, the answers arent straightforward. Most of them cannot be found in the passage itself. It need you to think! Warning to people taking O level MT listening next year: keep your ears peeled and mind ready to form conclusions about what you heard.

But i really want to slap myself for something careless. Damn bloody careless. Question 2's answer was supposed to be 'b', but i shaded 'a' instead. Realised that after i handed in the answer sheet. After i realised that, it was like "OH ****!! DIE!! @#^*%@#^%" =.=
Sian. One mark lost just like that. zzz

Had bio SPA today. Really interesting cos we're dealing with live specimens for the first time here. If you were wondering, the live specimens were catfish (no, not the big ones. We used the baby ones. Only 2-3cm long). The experiment was on respiration, so gotta place the fish in hydrogen carbonate solution and watch the solution turn yellow as it turned acidic from the carbon dioxide released by the fish. But the thing is, all the fish did was to stone. I mean, it literally stoned la. It just stayed there, not moving unless you shook the boiling tube slightly. If u didnt see the gills moving, you could've taken it for dead.

Lawton knocked over a test tube contaning a fish. I had to get KY to wake up (he was sleeping) to get the fish back into the solution cos lawton dun dare to touch it. In the end, KY used a pair of forceps to giap it back into the solution. And guess which part of the fish he giaped? It was the head. =.= After that, the fish had this red spot (of what i think is blood) under its head where there shouldn't be. I think its suffering from internal bleeding. =.= Poor fish.

Oh yeah, teck li ate some fish food. According to him, it tastes like chicken. Crazy. zzz. Maybe he is a fish by nature. =.=

Anything else? i dun think so. Ok then, i'll just end here.

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