Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jobs: Wanted and otherwise.

The last post felt as if it was done ages ago, even if it was a mere difference of 12 days. The only explanation that i can think of is that work has made me lose track of the days. I swear its worse than school.

In school, the time table for each day is different and there are tutorials to look forward to (well yes, i actually look forward to my tutorials). At work, everyday is the same routine over and over again in that tiny meeting room. In school, there are PE lessons to burn my fats and make my muscles bigger (yes, that's right, bigger, meaning that they are already present in the first place). At work, i get bored easily and get fat when i eat to occupy myself. In fact, i was so bored, i went to the library to borrow a book on chemistry to read on the job so my neurons wont start degenerating from the lack of use.. =.=

I guess these are just one of the few reasons why i won't ever want to get stuck behind a desk in an office job. I'll just get fat and get bored to tears (not literally of course, but yeah, you get my point). A job that requires something thinking would be good, and teaching fits the bill perfectly. A different mental challenge everyday will prevent my brain from getting dusty. Sounds good, no?

Then again, all this is idealistic speculation. Who knows, i might even get bored of teaching soon after joining the force. Well, i guess that's life. People hardly get to do what they like, and those who manage to are the blessed minority. Hopefully one day, i can find my myself in that group. Only time will tell.. Damn that's corny. =.=

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