Thursday, March 11, 2010

Start the countdown

11 March 2010.
Term 1 of JC2 has came to an end. To me, these 9 weeks seemed almost surreal. So many things have taken place. The start of an even more hectic schedule, the surprise(s) on my birthday, the countless OGL meetings prior to Orientation as well as the Orientation itself, the interviewing of J1's for Photog, the mugshots and of course not forgetting the pressure of having tests nearly once every week.

Darn, now is just one of the many times when i find myself at a loss for words to describe what i am feeling. Wouldnt it be great to have an invention whereby you could just paste some electronic pads on yourself and all the thoughts and emotions which you are feeling would be channeled and recorded into the machine, available for re-feeling at your own time? Meanwhile, i would just try to transcribe myself to the best of my ability..

Back to the topic, its around 40 weeks left to A levels. High time to get started on revision.
Damn, i cant seem to describe myself again. I dont know what is this i am feeling. Perhaps words just cant describe it. The feeling of urgency? Concern? Or perhaps even.. emo? But over what? Well actually, i guess i do know the answer to the last question, which brings me to a new problem: How on earth do i deal with it?

Forget it, i'll try to write this again when i am feeling more expressive.

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