Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Life?

Somehow, i feel as if i am losing out on a whole lot of stuff by allowing myself to be  rooted so deeply into the Singaporean Education system. In fact, do students nowadays even have time for themselves anymore? A holiday is meant as a break from studying. Yet, schools bombard their students with so much work that it makes the holiday having nearly no difference as compared to the regular term time.

Imagine, in the future, if adults from different countries got together and talked about their childhood.
The Swiss might say: I spent my holidays skiing on the Alps
The Australian might say: I spent my holiday surfin' at Gold Coast
And guess what the Singaporean might say?
Wa, so good! I mugged at home for my exams during my holidays!


One day, i'm gonna change this sad case. At least, for my kids.

The three reasons which made me feel like writing this:
1) After talking to Gillian yesterday night, and hearing her talk about her friend in Canada, who currently is enjoying his holidays.
2) After chatting with Teckli, Izzati and Weiting this afternoon about all the fun stuff and rubbish which we came up with in secondary school.
3) After taking a slow stroll home from school, along Sungei Tampines, and realising how beautiful everything is, but not having time to admire it.

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