Friday, January 15, 2010

Mature 18

To everyone out there, especially 09s303, thank you for making my day. (:
This was one of the best, and also messiest birthday i have had. =D

Thanks to the whole of 09s303 for the cake and song during recess.
Extra credits to Gillian, Amelia and Andik for that extra surprise at Gillian's house after school, and also that "comfort bear". I was really surprised and yeah, i love that bear. =D
Thanks zhong ming for leaving a permanent mark on my uniform using the choc cream from the cake.
To Jansen, Godwin, Scott and Teckli for taupoking me in the toilet, of all places. But yeah, at least its only 4 of you. o.0

Either way, today was awesome. And thank you all, again. =D

P.S. My bear has a cool name. LOL!

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