Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bird Park and Happy Birthday.

Went for CIP at Jurong Bird Park today. Yeah, all the way at Boon Lay whilst i reside in Tampines. Consequence: Waking up at 7am plus 2 hours travel time. Not fun, since i forgot to bring my headphones along for the journey. Yeah, the trip there was rather torturous.. o.0

The first thing i noticed when i entered the Bird Park was that its tiny. The map looks all big and roomy alright, but when you step in, you dun even need 10 mins to walk to the other corner of that place. Now that's one thing which i havent remembered from my past visits to JBP. So is it me, or has the whole JBP shrunk?

Next thing which i noticed was that the mosquitos there arent very nimble. At home, you sometimes get those mosquitos which fly around so freaking fast that you cant even see them properly, let alone smack them. But down there, they dun even attempt to fly away when you smack them. In the end, i took around 5 lives in 2 hours. I feel like a serial killer. =.=

Oh, and you wouldnt believe the last interesting thing: Zhong Ming and Yiting actually pangsehed us and eloped for around 20 mins. Lols.

Anyway after that, some of us went off early to Jurong Point to get a cake to surprise Andik for her 18th birthday. We got this really cool cake which was DIY-ed, and it was really pretty. Good job to whoever decorated it. =D

While decoration was in process, i had to go off to mislead andik to buy some time. Got them to walk around the whole of Jurong Point, literally, and even managed to get ourselves lost (literally as well, since that place is like vivo, only worse). =.= I think i'm good since she didnt suspect a thing. xD I now hire myself out for a rate of $5/min for distraction purposes. I can even do it over the phone (remember cookies, gillian? hahas), so do give a call. =D

After everything, my legs are now aching like hell. I blame the walk at Jurong Point. Hahas. xD

Photography takeaways for today:
1) Never let Jansen touch your DSLR. You'll end up having lots of pictures to delete after that.
2) Never trust Av mode. It simply cannot make it. You'll end up having screwed up exposures and sometimes, weird depth of field in your photos if you dun watch your settings carefully. Manual FTW.

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