Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So.. class outing yesterday to Tmall and (supposedly) Pasir Ris park.

Caroline at Tmall was ok, but the movie would've been way better WITHOUT 3D. The effects weren't that special, and my head ached for half an hour following the movie thanks to the weight on my face (wearing 2 pairs of specs wasnt fun).

And skating after that was.. a disaster (curse you, Weather). Ended up going to the arcade and taking neoprints at White Sands.

Had 3 double periods of lecture for all H2 subjects. Terror, i tell you, especially for bio's cellular signaling. And luckily the math lecturer isnt Helium anymore. =.=

Got selected for Talent Management. The TM committee make it sound so good. Makes me wonder if it really is.. Well, wish me luck for Thursday's interview..

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