Friday, November 13, 2009

The Journey of PI, GPP, EOM, WR, and I&R

11.30am today marks the end of Project Work. Indeed, it has been an exciting journey with plenty of lessons learnt. Experiences throughout this year, with my group, has been unforgettable. We shared joys and sorrow (well, mostly frustration, actually) and learnt how to work with each other to finish up the job, as our individual efforts complement each other.

There's so much to talk about: The things we've done together, the laughter we've had making fun of each other, the weekends sacrificed (yeah, i reckon my group has sacrificed the most weekends compared to other groups in the class =.=), the surge of annoyance when we had to revamp the entire C2 from Ubin to Buangkok.

But with it all comes a simple thought: We have grown.

I do not mean physically. Instead, its more of the mental part. The time we had to stay at my house past 12am to print the WR has been etched into my memory. I still remember on that day, which is the day before the submission of WR, Mr Tan called at 11pm, when we had just finished printing it, and told us to add in the idea of a board game into the evaluation part of our KampunG-And-ME proposal. We simply felt pissed. But of course, we all wanted that A, so we reprinted it anyway. However, we made a pact to not pick up any calls after that. In case we had to reprint again. o.0 Fortunately, our phones remained silent.
Needless to say at 12.30am, everyone went back feeling relieved that it has been done. And i must really say that we have actually done quite a lot for the WR in the 2 weeks while we were working on it (from a not even Approching Expectations to, well.. some imba one).

Personally, i feel that the OP part of PW has been the most enjoyable part since that was when we got to interact with each other more instead of just sitting behind a laptop and grinding our brains for the work which i've just assigned. And interaction is what i like best. =D

Well, PW has made me learn a lot. Not just about Kampung Kuantan or fireflies or Kampung Buangkok, but also about resource management, human relations and also work delegation. It has been a wonderful journey. The road may not have been smooth, but the ride was nevertheless immensely satisfying. I hope you all feel the same way too.

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