Monday, October 5, 2009

Time: negative 2 hours..

Following the three words "You may leave", the hall erupted into cheers and laughter.

Excited babbles broke out, with topics ranging from which movie to watch to which place to go. He slunk away from all the excitement, quietly packing his belongings and leaving. He did not contribute to the excitement, nor did he want to in the first place. Like a phantom, he left for home, not speaking at all during the journey.

His mood was as heavy as ever when he reached home. Not because he was concerned about what the results of the examination would be, for he knew he would be fine. Not because nobody had asked him out to celebrate, for there was an invitation. Not because he had nothing to do later on, for there were games to be played. No, it is something which he could not quite put a finger on. It is the feeling of emptiness. The space previously occupied and pressed upon by the weight of exams had lifted. Without that pressure, the space acted like all matter should when relieved of the pressure acting upon it: it expanded.

It was like the universe, getting bigger and bigger following its creation. The sheer size and rate of growth of the void threatened to engulf him in its icy depths. And he know that it is going to happen unless he did something about it. But this predicament is complex. Getting the solution would be like placing a Sun in to the void, it would displace out the darkness and cold that blanketed him, and in its place leave a shining warmth which encouraged life and growth. No doubt it would be effective, but getting it would also be fiendishly difficult, for it was something which cannot be synthesised or bought. But instead, had to be cultivated.

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