Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reflections of Life

Today, i feel tired. And when i am tired, i tend to slow down and think about stuff in my life.

When i did so just now, i realised that this 6 months of Junior College life has change me considerably. There has been many "first's" happening to me for the past half a year, and after some thought, i have come to the conclusion that all the new experiences that i had been through has made me grow, both physically and more importantly, mentally.

In this year, i have first:
1) Sacrificed so much of my leisure time for work
2) Failed so many tests and also exams
3) Known how to prioritise (properly)
4) Been so honest with my friends
5) Been a pillar of support for so many
6) Felt so close with my friends
7) Felt so sad for my friends
8) Cared so much for my friends that i am willing to go all out to help them
9) Said it

Well, it has been an interesting experience, JC life. I am glad i made this choice.

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