Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Done, after 9 long months

I realised, while i was packing up that huge stack of workssheets, that packing is much easily done when you aren't afraid of throwing things away. Of that 34cm pile of revision worksheets i had, i kept less than 5cm's worth, mainly the prelim papers and a few sets of revision notes.

So this is the "Before"

And this is the "After". The pile on the right is for keeps while that on the left is to be dumped. Those to be thrown exceeded the initial height of 34cm because i keep finding bits and pieces of useless stuff inside those files.

Just imagine how much those notes are worth. Just the notes themselves can be worth at least $180 or more. Add in the revision packages, which can cost up to $5 per set, that'll be an additional $50. In short, that's a lot of money..

That aside, some of the few pleasant surprises which i found while packing includes..
I haven't got the chance to read this thing properly ever since the camp ended. Now that i finally got the chance to do it, i found it rather informative. PHOTOG! =D

Graduation seemed so long ago, but yet October 15 was only less than 2 months ago.. This is one of the things that will have to stay in my box of memories.

Having done packing, what dawned upon me is that my JC journey has finally ended. All the frustrations and all the stressed-out-over-sucky-results-ness has finally came to an end. I don't really know how to describe this emotion inside of me right now. It its like a mixture of relief, nostalgia, and perhaps even an inkling of sadness, seeing as we had went through so much in the short span of 2 years. My goal before the O levels had been to get into Temasek, but i'm glad i didn't make it. 

Meridian is the better choice.

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