Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I realised too late

This week marks the final week of school in my entire life (Uni doesnt count, since its not exactly a "school" kind of school, get it?).

Just when i was starting to get used to it, after 12 years.

No point looking back now, i guess. I desperately need to prepare myself for what's ahead (Prelims and of course, A levels). This will prove be the largest hurdle i have in my life yet, as well as one which i must definitely overcome. 

Hopefully by 3 November 2010, i will not be taking a leap of faith, but a dash for victory.

Good luck to all those people out there, taking their prelims, A Levels as well as O levels. Believe in yourself, and work hard for those A's.

See you all soon.

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