Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little lofi

A sneak preview, for those of you who still visit this place, into what i will be submitting for Photog's next exhibition which will be held on college day.

The title of the exhibition is: The LOFI Photography Project.
LOFI stands for "low-fidelity". It literally means low faithfulness or loyalty. Not to your girlfriend or boyfriend la, of course! It's low faithfulness to the primary requirements (or rules) of photography such as sharpness, focus, and sometimes even color. These photos usually refer to photos taken with toy cameras, such as Holga, Lomo, Polaroid, so on.

This is because these cameras use plastic lenses which does not produce the same sharpness as that of a glass lens. These cameras are also coupled with problems such as light leakages, inaccurate exposures (you literally have to guess your exposure, unless you're a well trained film photographer which can calculate exposure within the blink of an eye) and focusing problems. Precisely because sharpness and focus is not exactly a requirement in this area of photography, some people may see it as "unorthodox", which is why it is termed this way.

However, don't be mistaken that LOFI images are not worth taking or looking at. Many photographers are able still able to produce excellent images with these cameras.

 Here are a couple of my shots which i have cross-processed on PS CS4. Not the best, i admit, since this is my virgin attempt at cross-processing, but i'm learning. It is a hell lot of fun, and it helps relieve stress too (I did the processing a few days ago, in the middle of my MYE exam period. I did regret it a little later on, but meh. Wadever.)

Anyway, here are the select few..

P.S. All photos are taken at Pasir Ris Park, with either a Nokia N95 (my old phone) or a Canon EOS 20D.

Pardon the watermarks, as there is a spate of intellectual property copyright infringements recently. Just don't want it to occur here. All rights are reserved and none of the pictures, or part thereof may be reproduced without my permission.

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