Friday, May 22, 2009

Its just me and you

The level of enmity between VJ and MJ is reaching a all time high. Students, teachers and even the principal wants to see MJ victorious. And just like someone said "they are just in our way". Hahas

We seem to meet the victorians everywhere we go; badminton, floorball and soccer teams all had to face them. And apparently, we have won them for both badminton and floorball. Soccer is the final and biggest showdown between the two sports titans, and i am on the MJ side. (duh..)

The whole school is geared up to support the team on next monday, while me and a few others are tasked to capture the glorious moment after we win. Too bad i wont be able to cheer my heart out along with the school..

Oh well. All the best to the soccer guys anyway. Whoo!

MJ boleh (eh eh eh ah~)
MJ boleh (eh eh eh ah~)

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